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We are dedicated to the Industry
Our industry-based coding system is compatible with CNAE codes and other standard segmentation codes on the market. It is enough for the client to tell us a standard code so that we can extract the necessary information and propose a campaign.

R&A Marketing knows the world of industry and has built a unique industry database that has been based on:
Reliable database.
La base de datos ha sido alimentada a base de llamadas de teléfono; su exactitud y fidelidad es total.
Important companies in the sector.
Las 30.000 empresas más fuertes de la industria española.
Que contempla multitud de cargos y departamentos.
Different geographic locations.
Contempla departamentos por empresa en distintas localizaciones.
Data segmentation.
Adaptada al B2B creando segmentos que se ajustan a su necesidad de negocio.
Choosing our code system
is a safe bet.
If you choose our code system, we can quickly locate segments with great application potential for each product and / or market , geographic area, number of employees, billing, among others.


Central government
Emergency services
Deputation services company
Post and phone lines
Gas production and distribution
Water and sanitary systems
Energy and electricity
Cable TV
Utilities prod. and providers
Mapping services
Property management
Air Transport
Naval transport
Railway transport
Local public transport
Serv. of arranged transport
Airports and airfields
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Marine platforms
Oil and gas industry
Pulp and paper
Food and related
Tobacco industry
Energy explorations
Building Contractors
Architecture and engineering

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