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Tips to start making posts that allow you to reach more users eager for information:

Support in blog content

  • Understand the content of the Blog you are going to work on
    If the blogger is a Chef, learn cooking. If you are a Somelier, learn about wines. If you are an engineer, learn engineering. If you are a NASA engineer, you learn about rockets. Focus on getting informed and try to understand what he likes about his profession. Learning from their professional development or work which is sometimes more useful than learning their profession.
  • Before writing, documéntete with what is in the network
    Rockets wine whatever. Never trust the veracity of a Site. Compare and join common points to draw general and rational conclusions. Even so if you put dates or numerical data, contrast these well before putting them there is always someone waiting to hunt you.
  • Think how the Blogger would think at the time of writing it (Empathy)
    You will not be able to acquire his style (not to imitate) In the approach prior to writing. Humor, your mood or personal energy are reflected in the posts.
  • Learn how to tag as it helps SEO
    SEO is important. The best content in the world will not be seen if the search engines do not know that you have written it. It is preferable to take time away from writing and invest part in the labeling of the post. Do it with surgical precision. Labeling is 80% of organic traffic. Don't forget the content, which is of course the boss.
  • Have peripheral vision
    Look for what he has not seen. He speaks for his feeling. What he says is based on his professional experience, but sometimes in a post that he writes quickly, he does not have time or understand that you have to look around and see how others do. Engineers, cooks ..
  • Have references from two or three blogs
    Observe trends, if they are from the sector, if not, they may be interesting to see related structures. You can hint at other bloggers by calling them colleagues. Sticking to the opinion of successful blogs I think is convenient.

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