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Types of posts

  • When we give content support to a Blogger, we must preserve the posts that the author makes.
    They are the ones who truly impress the personality on it. Many times. We think that the author's own post is not relevant and it turns out that he has much more traffic in his than in ours. This is because people look for the personality of the author and his human side. Better than anyone, he knows what his audience demands of him.
  • The blog is something very personal
    Rockets wine whatever. Never trust the veracity of a Site. Compare and join common points to draw general and rational conclusions. Even so if you put dates or numerical data, contrast these well before putting them there is always someone waiting to hunt you.
  • The title commands what is going to be written
    Without a title that you extract, we will not reach the public. This is because the structure of the URL is created, if the blog is well done, with a mapping, therefore if the words of the "trending topic" do not appear in the title, that post will not generate organic. Remember that trackers are the first thing they look for.
  • The client always believes that everything is direct traffic
    And he usually thinks about reaching his audience. They tend not to pay attention to the periphery which is a large part of the potential market. 80% of the audience usually comes from the contribution of organic traffic and therefore that is our goal as people who support the blogger.
  • Customers in general, end up understanding the importance of traffic
    Despite being sensitized, they do not tend to understand its quality well, something that often escapes their understanding. It's like when you buy a car. You look at their speed and their horses but you don't look at the motor torque (Torque) which is the true motor power. That's because this part is more complex to understand and requires a more exhaustive analysis.

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