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In case of giving content support to our bloggers, we draw up a tactic by making three types of post:

Tactics to gain traffic on blogs

1. We improve the ones he does with his direct traffic in mind. We can:

  • Encourage you to make your posts that encourage your direct channel to access.
  • That connects you with your social networks.
  • Add values ​​without altering neither its content nor its style, taking into account its structure.
  • After the body of the post add and complement:
    • Documentation of who is speaking.
    • Their corresponding links.
    • Extend the information in the post by complementing it.
    • Find words or records that stick to the "trending topics".

2. Post that we do with SEO and organic traffic in mind. Recommendations:

  • They have to stick to the "trending topics" of the moment.
  • Look for links with key texts and characters
  • You have to anticipate the key days. San Juan, San Isidro, A celebrity event a sporting event.
  • It must be previously documented to be able to make a content in depth.
  • They do not have a critical date and can be posted if a type 1 exists.
  • It is necessary to analyze the traffic later and draw conclusions for future posts.

3. The ones we do thinking about a long-term positioning, creating a good repository. Tips:

  • Very well documented post or archive post that we are adding
  • They usually come without links, they must be linked and connected with Wikypedia, YouTube.
  • Immediate traffic is not analyzed.
  • They cover very well the spaces of the Post of group 1 and 2.
  • The strategy is based more on creating a structure that supports them and is easy to find, accessible, intuitive.
  • Sometimes the structure is created thinking about future posts. Unlike group 1.
  • They are usually programmed in good time. They allow planning.

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