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What does R&A Marketing offer in SEO?
The work of SEO are complex and arduous and, like everything on the internet , are subject to continuous change. New algorithms, new search engine policies, advances in technology, make your provider company have to offer you the maximum commitment and continuous support every day. At present, although all the companies in the internet world talk about SEO, few are able to help improve it and consequently the traffic of your page. R&A Marketing is committed to improve the SEO of its website taking into account the following:
Analysis of the existing page.
R&A Marketing, through traffic and behavior analysis tools , visualizes, records and documents changes in the behavior of your page traffic. The client can monitor the changes that have occurred in real time.
Detection of problems by changes the crawlers on your page.
We use technologies to detect system crashes or page traffic. Our alarm systems allow us, at all times, to know what is happening on your website, being able to provide immediate solutions.
Error corrections.
Monitoring many customer pages has given us extensive experience in correcting errors , in this way the customer cares about their sales and not their traffic.
Constant monitoring of the page.
It allows to avoid and control possible deviations on the new search engine guidelines, it helps us to correct problems in the face of a change in SEO policy of large companies, making our clients more competitive and increasing your sales.
Maintenance is
key for SEO.
R&A Marketing plans SEO actions in such a way that the client is guaranteed to have predominant traffic and position in their sector.

  God SEO is a consequence of doing the job well on our website, and therefore, the axiom is:   

  • I do the work according to what the search engines specify, I comply with their precepts.
  • The search engines give me a preferential position.
  • In a preferred position I get better traffic.
  • The more traffic, the more sales.


From time to time the search engines change their rules or regulations and it forces us to be attentive to adapt to said regulations and not lose our positioning. There are three indisputable rules that will always help us to obtain a good SEO:

  • Contents: It has to be interesting for our audience. "Quality".
  • Contents It has to be in accordance with the purpose of our page. "Quantity"
  • More contents . In a disciplined manner, they must be updated, at least once monthly. "Frequency".

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