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Web Design and Development
Today, the web is an environment different from the rest in which several disciplines come together.
At R&A we offer you a variety of services related to the design
and development of different types of websites.
Oriented to companies that only need to have a presence on the internet, that want to increase and simply inform their customers about products and services.
Due to the continuous increase in internet sales year after year, more and more companies and freelancers take advantage of the benefits of electronic commerce and internet sales by expanding their business to a world without borders.
Using the Internet as a learning tool or the means by which our company can train clients is a way of optimizing time and being able to train our suppliers, employees, clients or simply have a business based on training.
Blogs are created with the objective of generating opinion. Many times the agencies have to support the blogger in their content. Giving support does not mean writing but orienting the contents in such a way that the blog has better positioning.
This service guarantees the correct functioning of the web, keeping aspects such as security or updating of its technologies and modification of the contents that are needed up to date.
Domain management and the best hosting options, from the most basic to host a standard page, to those that require high performance.
At R&A we know that besides design, selling is important.
Design is a crucial part of the final product. The designs have to be of quality but they also have to be designed so that search engines can index them; That is why we always work to improve the natural positioning or SEO of all the websites we make.


Design process
It is important to know your business in order to define what strategies we should follow in your project. We will do a study and analysis of your objectives and competence. Once we know what design services you require, we will give you a quote according to your needs.
Define the message to be communicated to start working on the first proposals. In this phase it is important to have the structure and content from the client, as these will shape the design and programming of the website.

It will be part of the process at all times, therefore, we will provide you with credentials so that you can see the progress and indicate the relevant changes or modifications on a test page, and you can give us the final OK to proceed to "publish" the final website.
We present your project in operation with the modifications already applied. You can give it a final review and your website will be ready to go "live" and ... Present it to the world!
Once the page is published, we take care of the maintenance, a service that guarantees the correct functioning of the website, keeping aspects such as security or updating of its technologies and modification of the content that are needed up to date.

Adjustments can be made at any time depending on the objectives set. It will have a number of hours that you can monitor through our web maintenance application, created especially so that the client knows at all times how we manage their contracted hours. We monitor the entire process, working as a team to obtain the best results.

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