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What is it?


It is a communication tool, which allows its users to write small texts, up to 140 characters, that can be read by anyone who has access to their page. 

Each user can decide to read the texts of another person or group of people on their home page, always having available what others have recently written. 

In this way a user A can decide to "follow" users B, C and D, receiving the texts they write without having to access the page of each one of them. 

Each user can thus have a list of "following" and "followers". The "followers" will read the texts published by the "follower" on their personal pages. 


Founded by Jack Dorsey in March 2006, it began as a research and development project within Obvious LLC, in San Francisco. Officially released in October of that same year to the public. The service soon began to gain a following, and in March 2007 it won the 'South by Southwest Web Award' in the blog category. 

Number of users

It has 218 million users and sends 500 million tweets a day. 

Purpose of the social network

It is an ideal way to promote new product launches, services and / or advertising companies, we will offer added value by communicating to our followers a timely promotion of a "last minute" offer. Like Facebook, this is a channel to listen to and attend to customer complaints, suggestions or comments, keeping them loyal and attracting new ones. 

In which cases does R&A Marketing recommend its use 

  • Companies that generate a lot of news with a great interest in spreading their communications very quickly, such as newspapers, magazines or editorials.
  • Independent professionals in the world of communication, artists, athletes and people who are generally opinion leaders and generate opinion in society.
  • Large companies that develop very high value interest that generates many news, discoveries, or findings (for example NASA or ESA).
  • Companies or organizations with cultural sponsorship projects, events aimed at the environment, or NGOs ... Who need to spread their news and news at high speed.

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