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What does R&A Marketing offer in SEO?
The work of SEO are complex and arduous and, like everything on the internet , are subject to continuous change. New algorithms, new search engine policies, advances in technology, make your provider company have to offer you the maximum commitment and continuous support every day. At present, although all the companies in the internet world talk about SEO, few are able to help improve it and consequently the traffic of your page. R&A Marketing is committed to improve the SEO of its website taking into account the following:
Analysis of the existing page.
R&A Marketing, through traffic and behavior analysis tools , visualizes, records and documents changes in the behavior of your page traffic. The client can monitor the changes that have occurred in real time.
Detection of problems by changes the crawlers on your page.
We use technologies to detect system crashes or page traffic. Our alarm systems allow us, at all times, to know what is happening on your website, being able to provide immediate solutions.
Error corrections.
Monitoring many customer pages has given us extensive experience in correcting errors , in this way the customer cares about their sales and not their traffic.
Constant monitoring of the page.
It allows to avoid and control possible deviations on the new search engine guidelines, it helps us to correct problems in the face of a change in SEO policy of large companies, making our clients more competitive and increasing your sales.
Maintenance is
key for SEO.
R&A Marketing plans SEO actions in such a way that the client is guaranteed to have predominant traffic and position in their sector.


What do we DO NOT do in SEO?

R&A Marketing only performs techniques rigorously following the ethical code of developers , avoiding everything type of implementations that can penalize the natural positioning of your clients' pages.

There are many fraudulent techniques that some people/companies have sold as procedures that help to better position their clients' pages. The simple guarantee of staying in a preferential position of the positioning is in itself, false. Nobody knows, except search engines, if tomorrow the search algorithms are going to change and that is going to decrease our preponderance on the web.

Companies that have used techniques such as link sales, guarantee of remaining in certain positions of the natural positioning of search engines, connections of external links empty of content ... have been penalized by trackers and consequently have lost positioning in your page.

If you are promised that in a short time you will have:

Good positioning.
That the hired company takes care of everything.
That it is only a matter of doing a few tricks via the Web.
That they know how to do it and you have to be unconcerned.

There are signs to doubt that company. Take a good look at it and look at their plans, demand that they explain how they are going to do it. A service requires discipline and planning together with the client, creating content and knowing how to index it so that search engines find it.

Large companies, in the past, have been penalized due to these techniques, that if they initially served to deceive trackers, in the long term they have been detrimental. Search algorithms are constantly changing and fraudulent SEO techniques are ultimately detected by new mathematical search formulas that are cross-checked across the web. Let us remember that the frauds that one company makes are repeated in others and it is easier, from a general perspective, to be able to detect them.

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