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What is it?


It is a platform that allows you to store videos and audio files at zero cost and embed your videos on the company's website. This platform is very useful for companies, as it is very popular and used worldwide. 

Users can interact, they can make "like" or "dislike" votes, they can share the videos on other social networks, comment on them and they can subscribe to another user's / company's channel, which would be equivalent, for example, to follow another user on Twitter since once subscribed they will see the news of the channels every time they enter YouTube. 

YouTube is translated in 61 countries and 61 languages. It is considered the second most popular search engine in the world, after Google, ahead of Yahoo or Bing. Since 2013 YouTube has its own metric system to analyze channel entries, maximum audiences and even segments by age and country, allowing it to be a very efficient analysis tool. 


More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month. More than 6 billion hours of video are played: almost one hour for each person in the world and 50% more than in 2012.100 minutes of video are uploaded every minute. 

Number of users

It has 218 million users and sends 500 million tweets a day. 

Purpose of the social network

All the content of the channel helps the company to generate natural positioning in Google and it is also reproducible through the web, mobile, tablets.The video has a great viral power that increases the probability of buying by consumers by 64% and also makes customers spend up to 2 more minutes on a web page. 

You will have a greater brand presence on the internet, since together with your SEO or SEM strategy it allows you to diversify your strategies and improve your positioning. In addition, with audiovisual material you get more engagement towards your brand. 

In which cases does R&A Marketing recommend its use 

  • Record companies and companies that broadcast video material such as newspapers, television channels and producers.
  • Companies that generally for their great variety of promotional videos.
  • Companies that want to open video training channels for their clients or students.
  • All companies or organizations that wish to host and broadcast video and audio files in general.

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