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What is it?


It was originally a Harvard University student website, but was opened to anyone with an email account. Later it was used to meet new people or create a space where you can maintain a close relationship with the clients of your business. 

You have options such as mailing subscribers (admirers), posting news, or promoting the page through Facebook ads. 

In addition, you can link to a blog so that its entries are automatically published, or delegate its administration.Like other social networks, it serves to share information between people through the network; it has an important component of interactivity. 

It allows the use of three distinguished profiles: personal accounts, groups and corporate pages.


It was created by a former Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, registered as and was for the exclusive use of Harvard students only, later becoming After spreading to various international student communities, in September 2006, Facebook expanded to the rest of the world. 

Number of users

1,155 million active users per month worldwide.This is still the social network where users spend the most time online, an average of 23 minutes, compared to the estimates of time spent on other social networks: 14 minutes on Myspace, 13 on Twitter and almost 10 minutes on LinkedIn, Facebook is the one that retains its followers for the longest time. 

Purpose of the social network

As a communication channel with your customers through their interactions on the wall or with the mention of a private message that appears on the cover of the fan pages. 

It allows you to have personalized communication by segmenting a message according to the audience you want to target. If your message is aimed at women under 30, before publishing it, define with the option to segment the post so that only fans who respond to this profile see it. 

Like other social networks, it also allows you to manage online reputation, get to know and retain your customers, generate traffic to your website or to all the sites where our company is present.

In which cases does R&A Marketing recommend its use

  • Companies that market consumer products, generally and wish to reach various target segments between 20 and 40 years old.
  • Companies related to consumer products that intend to make a community of users of their products in order to attract and loyalty.
  • Companies or organizations that wish to include within their public relations strategy a specific target audience and informing them of company policies and generating opinions in this regard.
  • Notices of new events, promotions and customer actions.


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