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If you already have a important database of contacts, customers, suppliers or employees, it will become increasingly difficult for you to send them joint email communications. To this can be added the risk of being considered spam by the servers that detect mass mailings. Traditional methods remain technologically scarce and it is necessary to resort to new specific tools that put the right information on the right client.
Desing and creativity.
Our studio makes designs and creatives, either for paper or for sending via email. In traditional mailings shipments we work with the client to be able to have the best responses in the direct marketing of the client.
Standard formats.
In electronic mailings we use the standard formats of the industry avoiding anti-spam filters in order to reach the right people.
Control of schedules according to geographical area.
Shipping schedules are another detail in which we take special care to be able to optimize the results.
Access to metrics.
You can access the delivery metrics where the number of emails opens, the number of clicks on the content, the number of bounces, among others, are displayed. This information is vital to know which points to improve or reinforce.
R&A Marketing is committed to developing the right tools ...
That allow our clients to make reasonable use of email systems.
At R&A Marketing we believe that shipments are something very important within the activity of our clients , and it is one of the basic online tools for information on their potential markets. That is why we are committed to always developing the appropriate means that allow our clients to make reasonable use of email systems.


Shipping metrics
Open rate.
It is the opening rate of the sent email, that is, the amount in which users have received and opened the email. It is an overview, but it is ideal for measuring the effectiveness of email subject lines.
Click rate.
Also known as CTR or Click-Through-Rate, refers to the number of users who have received the email and clicked on any of the links included in the content. It helps us to know what specific product or service interests the customer the most.
Open click rate.
Although it may look like the first metric we mentioned earlier, this rate measures the number of times the recipient opens an email, that is, the number of total views.
Bounce rate.
It refers to emails that have not reached the recipient. This can be due to different situations, for example wrong emails, unsubscribed, mailbox full, etc.
Low rate.
Rate of users who have decided to unsubscribe from the list to which they were subscribed. This information helps us to know the quality of the campaigns, in the case of obtaining a high number of cancellations it can be interpreted that something in our communications is failing and that there is something that must be corrected.
Conversion rate.
One of the main indicators that they show us is the number of users who end up taking action , that is, they meet the objective that has been set in the campaign. For example: accessing the web to make a purchase, perform searches, complete a purchase process that was left halfway, sign up for a free trial, download a video or document file, etc.

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