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What can we do for you?
Our Telemarketing department has the experience to technically answer all doubts. Our technology allows us to divert calls to any person in your company. Close the technical questions or archive everything in a database, either in our system or the client's system.
Reception via Chat.
Our operators also receive incidents via chat through modern tools that can be connected to our customers' websites.
Receiving orders.
Our operators can support any type of orders that you have programmed in your campaigns, from placing orders and processing them directly to your logistics system, to charging with credit card payment systems.
Online updates.
If a software update is required on the customer's device, without having to send a technician on site, we can manage the entire process online, step by step, hand in hand with the customer.
Withdrawal of defective products.
In the event that you need to recall a product from the market due to a manufacturing defect and require your customers to be duly informed of the situation and the step-by-step for the correct recall of the product.

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