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What is a creator?

All artists from all fields, anyone who generates digital content. Profiles from the most traditional ones such as; singers, musicians, painters, writers, among many others, to bloggers, youtubers, tiktokers, etc.




How can R&A help me?

Although it looks very simple, which it is, to be in patreon and get profits you must have a clear and permanent planning, because the degree of commitment that you maintain with your patrons will be decisive for them to continue with you month after month.
Therefore, we want you to focus only on the most important thing, which is to create content and continue enjoying what you like the most, we will take care of the rest. That is to say, the approach, the implementation, content planning, contacting your patreon, organizing events, etc.
Do you want to monetize the time you spend creating content?

Can we help you with your project?