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What do we contribute to the SEM of your company?
We accompany you from the beginning of the campaign to the end, in such a way that the client can be advised
in a part or in the entire process. This will allow you to adjust your budget for this type of campaign.

You can start paying per click from 10 or 20 Euros per month ; And you can also graduate it
at any time, at any time of the day and with a simple connection via the Internet.
We facilitate the start of the campaign.
Choosing the best words and concordances with their texts and expanding their range of action.
We help optimize campaign expenses and choose the best creatives.
So that only truly interested potential customers click on your products or services.
We review analytics reports along with SEO campaigns.
We compare the natural versus paid traffic, in this way we can weight our Marketing actions by payment in the network.
We adjust peak hours "audience" periods by sectors.
A continuous examination of the statistics and analysis allows us to be able to improve and adjust the campaigns to obtain the maximum performance.
We carry out all the steps to create conversions and thus provide a justification for the ROI (return on investment).
This is measurable through Google Analytics, in such a way that the customer can monitor all actions and see even from their mobile device how many people have reached their page how many have reached, for example, the shopping cart and how many have made the bank transaction.
We create global campaigns or by countries and in different languages.
Different products for the same client, in local languages with separate statistics to see performance ... we can configure the information panel so that our clients limit themselves to selling their products, visits commercial or any purpose desired by them.
We accompany and advise you throughout the campaign process.
In short, we can carry out the entire click ad process from a specific campaign to integrate it into the company's strategy in the medium and long term.


Benefits and advantages of SEM
Increase in web traffic.
Make your company known worldwide or by countries, zones or areas with certain restrictions.
Reach more people and further on a previously tight budget.
Direct our ads to the sectors or markets that interest us.
Create contextual advertising campaigns with great efficiency thanks to the parameters of temporality, geographic, markets ...
Detailed reports on the scope of our campaign.
Pay per click so that spending always remains controlled.
Monitoring of campaigns in real time, making any necessary changes immediately.

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