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Why do it with R&A Marketing?
We help in the marketing of your blog. We have the vocation of marketing: we understand what the
market needs and we advise the client about the launch of his blog in the fastest and most efficient way.
We also advise in SEO and SEM to our clients to better position their page in search engines.

A blog, or in Spanish also called blog, is a periodically updated website that chronologically compiles texts or articles by one or more authors, with the most recent appearing first, where the author always retains the freedom to publish what he/she believes to be relevant.

The blog allows the possibility of answering or making comments by users or (Internet audience) and in turn the author can respond, thus being able to establish a dialogue.




 Tools for its creation 

There are a multitude of tools, either free or of high professional value, that allow all kinds of possibilities to create a blog. R&A has concentrated on the tools of high professional value in such a way that bloggers have absolute independence to create and renew their blog from any access point of the globe. With menus and CMS's (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) that through a password allow the entrance to a private area that gives the customer access to all its contents.

  • Customer comments can be managed as if they were an email account. Multimedia content such as images, photos, videos and links to Youtube can be easily added. Trackbacks, RSS and Facebook connections can also be generated.
  • R&A Marketing blogs allow easy tagging and sorting of photos in images to be seen very quickly by crawlers and thus helping the SEO of the Blog. Being the speed of indexing surprisingly fast.
  • R&A integrates its clients' blogs into their respective web pages, so that the pages can be optimized and everything keeps a harmonious design with the investments made by the client beforehand.
  • The Blogs developed by R&A Marketing can be viewed on mobile devices (phones, Pdas...) facilitating the access of all the public and increasing the possibilities of traffic.

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